By Stephanie Pelletier

Did you know YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world? Video marketing is becoming even more powerful and important for your web presence. In fact, videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74% ( However, it can be hard to know where to start- what kind of videos should you produce? How often should you post videos? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

video marketing

1. Focus on Your Message

Imagine that you are a painter looking to spread the word about your high quality work. In your video, make sure that every second of the video supports that message. Everything from the music used to the location of the video is important. The viewer needs to see proof of your high quality work- find a customer of yours that is happy to let you film inside their house. 45% of viewers will stop watching after 1 minute- so eliminate anything that is unnecessary. Keep your script simple and your message as clear as possible.

2. Tell a Story

As Simon Sinek said in his great TED Talk “Start With Why”, people don’t buy what you do- they buy why you do it. Why will your product or service improve their life? How will it solve their problem? Following the painter example, you might say, “Are you tired of hiring a painter that rushes through the job? I believe in taking the time to do the job right.” This is what will really set you apart from your competitors. You will attract customers that share your values and beliefs, and you will create videos that build trust and inspire action.

 3. Consistency is Key

Now that viewers know about your high quality work through your video, it is important to be consistent and establish a video marketing schedule. The videos don’t have to be long, nor do they have to be labor intensive, and the possibilities for topics are endless. As a painter, you might do 1-2 videos a month, one focusing on educating the viewer about paint or interior design and the other continuing your story. As you post videos and grow your audience, you will establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry!

Video marketing is a powerful way to set yourself apart from your competitors and connect with viewers on a deeper level. So- what is your why, and what is your customer’s why?