If you’ve ever been asked “what do you do for a living?” or “what is your company about?” then you’ve been provided with the perfect opportunity to give an elevator pitch to spark further interest in your business. An elevator pitch is like an ice breaker, a brief speech that explains what your company does clearly and succinctly.

More often than not business owners make the mistake of not having an elevator pitch prepared. This leaves them in the midst of the question “what is your company about?” while they ramble on in an unorganized and dull fashion. Unfortunately, even business owners who plan their elevator pitch STILL have trouble perfecting something that is memorable, concise, and informative. The good news is, there are steps that you can take to create a more successful elevator pitch.

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Make your audience care. One thing that people usually do when developing their elevator pitch is format it in a structured, overly professional, and removed manner. While this may seem like a logical strategy, it creates an emotional gap between you and your audience. A pitch that is more conversational will instantly create that sense of connection with your audience and make them care about what you’re saying. Focus on the problems that your company solves and describe those problems as real life situations, so your audience can relate to what you are saying.

Practice. Some people are really quick on their feet and may be able to produce a decent elevator pitch on the spot. However, these kind of people are rare, and even if you think you’re one of them, it never hurts to be prepared! One of the most difficult things to master during an elevator pitch (especially in front of a camera) is looking and sounding natural. Practicing will help you get comfortable with your pitch and not sound like a monotone, nervous robot. The more you practice and become comfortable with your pitch, the more relaxed you will be while presenting it. You want to be enthusiastic and passionate, but not overly so. Practicing will help you develop a natural charisma and authenticity while delivering your pitch. Instead of just talking in front of a mirror, try recording yourself and watching the clip. Notice the things you need to work on (like smiling more) and record another take until you get it right. Then try practicing in front of family or friends.

Keep it short and sweet. An elevator pitch should only be about 30-45 seconds, otherwise you risk losing the person’s interest, or monopolizing the conversation. 45 seconds may not be the ideal amount of time to completely explain everything about your company or product but it is the perfect amount of time to state essential information and leave them wanting more. A swift, compelling message will get the job done, especially one ending with a clear call to action.

An elevator pitch doesn’t have to be a heart pounding, tongue tied, or frustrating experience. At SPELLNET, we can help you perfect your elevator pitch in front of the camera and in a comfortable environment. With a little preparation, it can be one of your best tools for gaining new customers and company recognition!