Professionalism is something that every business must possess. When it comes to your image online, it becomes even more important to consider how you are presenting your business. It’s tempting for some business owners to take out their phones and make their own videos or to use free templates for their websites. After all, if your message is being communicated, it shouldn’t matter how, right? Why should you hire someone when you can do it yourself?

professional image

Think again.

In reality, the way a message is presented is just as important as the message itself. First impressions are vital online, and potential customers won’t bother with content that doesn’t look professional and feel authentic. Here are some tips to enhance the professionalism of your image online:

Consistency is key. In order for your online marketing efforts to be successful, you need to be consistent. Make sure your social media pages, email newsletters, and your website are cohesive- use the same fonts, colors, and design elements. Also be sure to keep them updated regularly. Consistency will help build and maintain a professional image that your current and future customers will identify with.

Establish credibility. The easiest way to establish credibility online is to collect and display customer testimonials on your social media pages and website. Testimonials build trust with your audience and enhance your professional image. Ask your customers how you solved their problems and made their lives easier- these kind of testimonials are powerful and directly address why someone would do business with you.

Hire a professional. It may seem easier to make your own videos, write your own blog posts and design your own website, especially with the amount of free, do-it-yourself tools out there. However, a professional will know what kind of online marketing is right for your business, and will have the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time.

Ultimately, the marketing of your business is not a place to cut corners. It is worth the investment of your money and time to do it right, and in a way that is authentic and professional. If you’d like a professional to review your online marketing and see where you could improve, let us know! Call us at 860-678-7777 or email us at We would love to meet you.