By Stephanie Pelletier

Website content is often an underestimated part of a website, seen as purely informational and static. However, in order to reach your market and provide value to them, your content needs to be a prominent part of your marketing strategy. Great content engages and educates the reader, is regularly updated, is relevant and focused, and inspires action– here is how:

Website Content

 1. Engage and Educate the Reader

When a user comes to your website, they come for varying reasons; typically, they are looking for your product or service or to educate themselves. Your content, primarily in a blog, is the best place to take advantage of this; focus on developing content that educates the user. This helps to reinforce your own knowledge while offering value and establishing expertise. The user will engage with your website longer, and your search engine rankings will increase.

2. Regularly Update Your Content

We’ve all been on a website with clearly outdated, neglected content that does not reflect the current state of the business. However, companies with active blogs receive 97% more leads (Content+ 2013); so it is worthwhile to regularly update your company blog. Create a schedule that is realistic and executable, and you will reap the benefits.

3. Keep it Relevant and Focused

Your content should be focused and conscious of the user, written on the topics they want to learn about and brand appropriate. You can draw inspiration from the publications and blogs of your industry, as well as paying attention to your customers’ common questions and interests. Keep your content on each page as well as your blog posts concise and to the point; filler words and long paragraphs will quickly lose the user’s attention.

4. Inspire the Reader to Take Action

Each blog post and website page is an opportunity to lead the user to take action, which is the ultimate goal of your content strategy. Include one call to action where it is appropriate and logical, and make sure it is relevant to the user! Overt sales gimmicks will be obvious and ineffective.

When it comes to website content, it’s important to keep these four elements in mind and always put the user’s needs and goals first; this will help you accomplish your own goals!