By Stephanie Pelletier

Hiring a professional web designer provides more value to your small business marketing strategy than you may realize. A good designer helps build your brand and accomplish your business goals, making your website an important part of your marketing. Here are some strategies to creating a better website that drives your marketing strategy and benefits your bottom line:

Small Business Marketing Strategy

1. Communicate your business goals with your designer

Your website, if designed correctly, is both a marketing and a sales tool. It is important to form a partnership with your designer and tell them what your business goals are. Your designer should know what your business is, what your brand is, what your product or service is, and where are you going. The more your designer knows about your business and your goals, the better your website will be.

2. Design with the market in mind

Good design is not accidental; it is purposeful, with your target marketplace in mind. Your designer is a creative businessperson, with the ability to select colors, images, and visual layouts that will appeal to your visitors and encourage them to stay on the site and take action, which will result in business. Good design is vital to a successful website.

3. Create a great first impression

First impressions are everything when it comes to a website. A sloppy, poorly designed home page will cause visitors to hit the back button, losing you potential sales. It is important to spend time thinking about the design of your homepage, developing a course of action for the visitor that will retain the visitor and connect them to your brand. Show your visitor upfront what your value is to them, and they are more likely to show you value by sticking around and potentially becoming a sale.

Nowadays, a website is not just a place for people to find information about your business; it is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Effective web designers are businesspeople with the knowledge to design your website with purpose. Your website is not the place to cut corners; it is often the best marketing investment you will make as a small business.