By Stephanie Pelletier

Note: This is Part 1 of a SPELLNET blog series focused on developing a content strategy for your business!

Content marketing is essential to building an online presence and drives all your digital marketing efforts- but it’s important to develop a strategy for your content. You need to understand your audience’s top concerns to drive lead generation- but who is your target audience? In this post, I will explain what buyer personas are and how they help you understand your target audience.

A buyer persona is a fictitious, general representation of your ideal customer. Having one or two buyer personas helps you gain a better understanding of your customer, and what their needs, preferences, and concerns are. It keeps you aware of your audience and adds context to your content. The more you understand your customer, the more valuable your content will be.

Think about your past and current customers- which customers best match your idea of the “ideal customer”? Choose 2-3 of these customers and ask them to take a short survey. In the survey, ask about their background, position, interests, and demographics. Once you have your data, think back to the marketing and sales process- were they the decision maker or the gatekeeper? What were their requirements and concerns? You will add this context to the data you collect, as you can see in the example below:

Buyer Persona Template:

Buyer Persona

You can derive your questions from this template and answer the last few items with your insights from the marketing and sales processes. You only need to do 1 or 2- keeping your personas focused will help you in your content planning.

Now that you have your buyer personas, it’s important that you continually adjust and refresh them as your business grows, making sure that they still accurately reflect your target audience and their needs. Static personas won’t do you much good- your ideal customer now could be far different from your ideal customer a year from now.

Understanding your customer is vital to giving them a good experience and delivering value; the creation of these personas allows time to reflect on what makes a good customer so good, and how to replicate that experience through your content strategy.

In Part 2 of this blog series, I will discuss how to use these buyer personas by developing a keyword list based on your personas’ common search terms!