By Stephanie Pelletier

When developing content for your website, it’s hard to know what information your audience will find useful, as well as how they will interact with your site. It is easy to cover your pages with stock photos and spend hours writing descriptions- but what is actually important to your users? Here are some common user experience myths debunked by research findings, and what you can do.

Potential Customer

This user is enjoying your content and is on her way to becoming a lead!

Myth #1: Users will read everything on your website.

Typically, people do not read every word of the written content on a website. They will skim the pages, reading the keywords, headings, and shorter paragraphs to find what they need. Long winded paragraphs and text heavy pages are likely to lose your user’s attention, and once you’ve lost their attention, you’ve lost a potential lead. What to do: Distill your written content to what is absolutely necessary- cut out filler words and elaboration. Use your keywords when appropriate and avoid promotional writing!

Myth #2: Stock photos excite and engage users

Several usability tests and eye-tracking studies have proven that stock photos are often detrimental to your website. They do not provide useful information to your users; users will bypass the photos in pursuit of content, discarding them as visual noise. What to do: Limit your usage of stock photos to those that add some kind of value and aid the user in some way.

Myth #3: Content is irrelevant to designing a website

Relying too heavily on using “dummy” text when designing your website can put too much emphasis on the design and off of the content. Your content is what your users care about, and will ultimately pay the most attention to. What to do: Invest in well written, actionable content, and let your content guide your layout designs.

It is important to keep your users in mind when designing your website and developing content; users who are engaged in your website are more likely to convert to leads, and then sales; content is king! Find yourself overwhelmed and in need of a website refresh? A consultation with SPELLNET is always free!