Thanks to developments in technology, there are new and innovative ways to reach customers online. Video marketing is one way to stand out, preventing your customers from having to scroll through pages of text and images. Like any other marketing technique, it is important that you choose the right kind of video for your business. Consider these 3 types of video marketing content:

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1. 30 Second Pitch – Just like the elevator pitch you give at networking events, a 30 second synopsis of your business can be very powerful. Add some humor and entertainment value, and you’ve got an interesting and shareable video! The short length of the video will also ensure that people watch it, giving you more exposure than you might have gotten otherwise.

video marketing ct
2. Customer Testimonials – One of the most powerful weapons you’ve got in your marketing toolbox is customer testimonials. A good third party success story can often be the deciding factor! Inviting some of your top customers to come in and talk about their positive experience with you on camera will give you a priceless piece of content you can use forever.

video marketing ct
3. Event Coverage – Have you ever planned and hosted an event that attendees and employees alike raved about, just for it to be forgotten about months later? You can ensure this doesn’t happen by filming a few videos. Capture the keynote presentation, or interview a few attendees talking about the event. These kind of videos keep the event in people’s minds long after it happened, and inspire those who couldn’t attend to consider going to a future event!

Video marketing can be exactly what your company needs to get ahead of the competition and thrive online. Many businesses just like yours are using video content to spread their message and entertain their audience, seeing higher levels of engagement and more business opportunities.

So, what kind of video would work for you? We’d love to meet with you and talk about it. Give us a call at 860-678-7777 or email us at to get started!

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