By Stephanie Pelletier

When it comes to redesigning a website, there are always reasons not to do it. However, with the rate that the Internet and web technologies are changing, it is very important for your website to stay up-to-date and compliant. Your potential customers expect more from websites, and they will quickly abandon yours if it is not up to par. Here are some signs that you may be due for a website redesign:

Website Redesign

  1. You are not getting the results you want

An effective website should serve as a strong lead source. If your website is not generating business, it’s time to examine where your site’s weak points may be. Do you have a call to action that invites users to learn more? Are you directly addressing their pain points and explaining why your product/service is the solution? This is where the consulting part of business plays an important role.

  1. The design itself looks old

Users will not hesitate to click the back button if your website looks like it was done in the 90’s, and search engines will also turn a blind eye. Your website represents your business 24/7 and can often be the make or break factor when someone is considering doing business with you. A website that looks clean, modern, and keeps the focus on the content will motivate users to stay longer, increasing your conversion rates.

  1. It does not fit into your content strategy

In order to achieve higher rankings on search engines and provide consistent value to your users, having strong content is very important. Having a blog on your site is the easiest way to do this on a regular basis, and has a huge impact on your SEO. Make sure the content is relevant, useful, and targeted! Also be sure to distribute your content across social media, so people can easily find it.

Ultimately, a website is more than images, text, and videos; it is your digital sales tool, your cyber storefront, your online home. Improving your website is always a wise investment, as long as it is done properly and in line with your business goals. This is where hiring a professional designer becomes important. Good designers don’t just design and develop your website; they do thorough research on your industry, your market, and direct their creative talents towards making your business goals happen.

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